Walking On Cars – Leeds Brudenell Club 23.11.2016

Walking On Cars last night at my favourite Yorkshire small venue, Leeds Brudenell Social Club.

Admittedly my knowledge of the band prior to the gig was limited, apart from hearing “Catch Me If You Can” played regularly on Radio X. However, I was intrigued to see them and I managed to get a ticket just before the 400 capacity venue sold out.

There had been a last minute venue alteration from Leeds Stylus. So, I now had a conflict of interest as Martin Stephenson & The Daintees were also playing in the adjacent Games Room.; but I have seen them numerous times over the years…sorry Martin!

Unfortunately, I only caught the last song from support Tor Miller; a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn. He had an amazing, distinctive, strong voice.

Walking On Cars started their set with “Tick Tock”. They are a five-piece alternative rock band from Co. Kerry, consisting of a singer/guitarist, drummer, bass guitarist, guitarist and keyboard player. The crowd, happily chanted back the lyrics in the direction of the stage.

Patrick Sheehy’s vocals are so similar to Charlie Simpson (Fightstar), I bet I’m not the first to use that comparison. He seems to sing with no effort at all and yet his voice defines the band and he sings with such emotion and feeling.

The bands stand alone song was definitely their encore track, “Speeding Car”, which everyone in the room sang along to word for word. It brought their happy, feel-good 70 minute set to a close.

Their album “Everything This Way” is available on Virgin EMI.


Until the next adventure…





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